This project is located in the north of Melbourne, Australia. We found an interesting thing, in the most developed cities, like Guangzhou, Shenzhen in China, Paris in France, Los Angeles in USA, all of these places are located in the southeast where there are developing quickly in economy , tourism, entertainment ,etc. The north is also the best place to develop, but hardly to develop I n the west. As the location with a western exposure, as we all know, when you buy a house, you have to choose the place where it should have enough sunshine in winter, and less in summer. With intensive ultra violet rays, furniture, carpet, floor and curtain are easy to fade ageing.

Through this visit, both of us want to seek this opportunity to cooperate with each other, now we are focusing on terms of payment, they want to deal with us on the basis of bank guarantee, but that is too risky to us, usually we accept T/T to do business with other Australian individuals, builders and developers, even for hickory such a large company.

We entered their sample room to check their quality and design. According to their crafts and lacquer, we can manufacture the same quality and even better quality of kitchen cabinet, wardrobe and vanity.

This kitchen cabinet is produced by Koala Furniture, matched with soft-closing tandem box. From outside, the whole appearance is good enough, just a little bit of raw materials thickness of difference compared with ours.

During checking, we found their cupboard are made of 15mm particle board raw materials instead of 16mm, which brought our great chance to show our advantage. As our cupboards are made of 16mm plywood or particle board that are imported from famous brands like metro, sumitomo forestry co. Ltd, egger, Columbia forest products and KTI, materials are very durable, and has excellent Screw holding ability, better resistance to moisture, high-temperature, impact, abrasion, heat and chemical.

OPPEIN Plywood has excellent screw holding ability 1.5 times than particle board, plywood thickness is 16mm, including HPL faced on both sides.

Formaldehyde emission ≤1.5mg/L

Resistance to moisture, high-temperature, impact, abrasion, heat , chemical, easy to maintain

OPPEIN particle board pressed by 300tons/m2 with superior screw holding capacity and load bearing capacity.

E1 standard ,formadehyde emission≤1.5mg/L

Both sides wrapped with melamine, resistance to scratch, moisture and easy to clean

What You Should Know About Formaldehyde

What Is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a colorless,strong-smelling gas. It is used to make building materials and household products. Formaldehyde is used to make walls, cabinets and furniture.

What Happens When Someone Breathes Too Much Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde can make you feel sick if you breathe a lot of it. People can have symptoms such as:

• sore throat

• cough

• scratchy eyes

• nosebleeds

How Can We Protect Ourselves From Formaldehyde Exposure?

Formaldehyde is hardly to scavenge at one time, as formaldehyde volatilization is a very slow process,sometimes,at least spending 10 years to eliminate . So We should be very careful to treat it. There are severl ways to help you improve air quality as much as possible and protect yourself from formaldehyde exposure.

  • Buy furniture that meets E1 standard of formaldehyde emission.According to the test standard of EN13986 in Europe, standard of AS/NZS 1895-1&2 in Australia ,standard of ANSI A208.1&2 iin U.S.A.and standard of JIS A 5908 & 5905 in Japan, formadehyde emission≤1.5mg/L.
  • Do not smoke, and especially do not smoke indoors
  • Open windows as much as possible to let in fresh air
  • Try to keep the temperature inside homes at the lowest comfortable setting
  • Run the air conditioner or dehumidifier
  • spend as much time outdoors in fresh air as possible. This is especially important for families with children, elderly people or those with chronic diseases such as asthma